Smart DC Power and Energy Storage

For over 120 years our energy infrastructure has been based on high voltage AC power. Over the years small improvements have been made but power still remains dangerous and dumb.

Over 50% of all powered devices in homes and business are actually DC powered today. iLLUMA-Drive provides solutions that will revolutionize the way we control and consume our power for the future.

iLLUMA-Drive is a DC energy company that plans to reinvent both the home and workplace use of DC power through our unique solutions– Smart DC power and Energy Storage. We do this by reinventing the way devices are powered and controlled by centralizing the DC power and providing smart control along with intelligent Energy Storage Solutions.

Intelligent Lighting

Reliable, Low-maintenance, Long life fixtures controlled by centralizing both the AC/DC power conversion external to the LED fixtures and providing smart control.

Energy Storage

The battery backup is a core element of our control system and can provide power when the grid goes down. With the low voltage requirements of our system this can mean days of light when you really need it.

energy Independence

We can connect our system to any sustainable source including solar and wind turbines to further enhance the system and provide Energy Independence.

Our Executive Team

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    Derek Hopkins - Founder/President & CEO

    Derek has over 25 years in the low voltage industry. Starting from a small family based security company he has worked hands on with intrusion systems, CCTV, Access control and automation systems. He has partnered with companies such as Honeywell and Reliance and secured national accounts across Ontario.

    Aside from the family business Derek has developed sales and installation networks for CanCom (Starchoice) and has worked as a field consultant and system designer for Xplorenet wireless high speed internet.

    He has launched other successful ventures in the private transportation sector for ground and air transportation. An all around entrepreneur and visionary Derek is no stranger to launching and managing successful new ventures.

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    Najeeb Khan - Founder/Chief Technology Officer

    Najeeb Khan has over twenty years experience in developing custom multimedia solutions, building automation, and networks. A highly regarded Speaker Designer, Najeeb had designed over 80 models of speakers for Paradigm Electronics before starting his own business – Spectre Audio.

    Najeeb holds a B.A.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Toronto, and an MBA from the Richard Ivey School of Business at the University of Western Ontario.

    Spectre Audio is one of Canada’s earliest and most established Control4 integrators, with nearly all of its business originating from referrals. Najeeb Started Spectre Audio to do things differently from the norm, delivering intuitive engineered systems that work reliably and seamlessly. Spectre Audio, through Najeeb and his detailed-oriented crew, is respected for its knowledge and integrity by suppliers, peers and customers.

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    David MacKinnon - Chief Operating Officer

    Dave has tremendous self taught business sense that was established over years of hard work and perseverance. Dave was born and raised in Niagara Falls where he had owned and operated a thriving family pizzeria for over 19 years in the Niagara Region. He had also worked for Kraft General Foods for over 18 years and is no stranger to strong management and operating procedures.

    Dave is a first degree black belt and co owner of Kicks for Kids Family Martial Arts Academies. His outstanding organizational skills enable him to safely transport hundreds of children daily in the Halton Region from their schools to Kicks for Kids After School Taekwondo Program. Dave demonstrates strong leadership of his family’s business’ and he takes great pride in building a solid business foundation.

    Dave is also the V.P. of the David Gregory MacKinnon Memorial Foundation. He has been actively organizing and hosting several charity events each year for Kidney Health, Organ Transplantation and Patients with Renal Failure.

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    Rob Keane - Chief Marketing Officer

    Rob is a sales and marketing leader with 20 years’ experience in major IT and telecom companies such as LG, BlackBerry and HP. Within these organizations he has managed the full marketing mix from small micro channel programs to a Super Bowl TV advert and ensured that they delivered the required results.

    He has also worked in the IT start-up environments building revenue and brand streams and at the same time as moving companies through the funding funnel to achieve key objectives. Rob’s international experience covers Europe, the US and Canada where he has held positions at director level managing strategy, major campaigns, teams and budgets.

    He has a MBA from Bradford University in the UK and Chartered Institute of Marketing qualifications.

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    Willy Liu – Director, Innovation & Technology

    Willy has over 25 years experience in the area of space, medical instrumentation, flat panel display, plasma and nuclear fusion energy research and development. Willy brings extensive knowledge and leadership in electronics, mechanical and product development.

    Prior to joining iLLUMA-Drive, Willy was Co-founder, President and CTO of HOPE Innovations Inc. He had previous roles as Director of Product Development and Chief Engineer, leading an electronics team in the development of new innovated products for iFire Technology and Life Imaging Systems.

    Willy majored in physics and engineering during his academic career. He taught electrical engineering at a university before moving to product development.

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    GARY WAGSTAFFE - VP Technology

    Gary joins iLLUMA-Drive as team lead in our software and engineering department bringing over 17 years of proven experience delivering enterprise software solutions to the Energy Industry. Gary has helped energy utilities such as Toronto Hydro, PowerStream, Direct Energy and EnerCare by delivering functionality and value to meet their ever changing needs in a competitive market.

    Gary’s passion for technology began at the young age of 10 when he read his first book on programming. From that point forward he invested most of his free time teaching himself to build software, absorbing as much information as possible.

    With a strong entrepreneurial spirit added to his passion for programming, he launched his first successful software company in 2000.


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