Re-Think Your Power


Digital Energy – An Energy Management System

CENSE is the first Safe, Smart and Sustainable DIGITAL ELECTRIC PANEL. CENSE provides digital electricity to devices within your home or business, is more efficient, costs less to install and is completely touch-safe. CENSE is modular and can scale to meet the needs of many industry applications.

CENSE is sustainable. CENSE can take power from the grid, solar, wind or any battery system. Welcome to our clean energy future.

CENSE is intelligent. It can provide control and advanced functions using wired switches or inputs and wireless control through our integrated wireless capabilities for devices and sensors.

CENSE inputs can be configured to turn off or dim a single light or device, an entire building, or you can set your lighting for movie time for truly lifestyle connected control and programming.

Other CENSE power modules are currently in development to provide Low Voltage power to other devices in building, and will truly lead the path to smart, safe and sustainable power distribution.

The power to control your energy is in your hands.
Isn’t it time for a real energy change?

How Cense Works

CENSE intelligently powers your home
or business from renewable energy
sources or the AC power grid using
low voltage Direct Current Power.

CENSE is a Direct Current smart energy
management system. It has the ability to
manage a Low Voltage Power network
within a home or business and
provides intelligent control for
users and operators.

CENSE is Scalable

Why Choose The Cense DC Power System?

More efficient than traditional AC Power Systems

Hardware, Installation and maintenance is more cost effective than with traditional AC systems

Smart Control switches, sensors and THEA app provides full integration and options for end users

Plug & play with renewable energy sources and battery systems


  • DC voltage input: 48V DC
  • Compact chassis
  • 32 zones of hard wired control inputs
  • 32 zones of wireless control inputs
  • Operating ambient temperature: -10 to +40 C
  • Healthy power technology
  • Smart IoT compatible
  • Works with Apple Homekit, Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa
  • DALI with power

14″ (36cm) W x 28″ (71cm) H

UL916 (UL standard for safety energy management equipment)

10 Year Warranty (when installed by an iLLUMA Certified Installer)

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Benefits of CENSE


Inexpensive wiring, lower cost of installation vs traditional high voltage AC systems


Centralized conversion removes the inefficiency of individual AC to DC fittings


Our system uses Smart Control switches, sensors and T.H.E.A. app for full integration

Plug & Play

Plug & play with renewable energy sources and battery systems


Allows flexibility for end user and their varying project sizes since our system can accomodate any scale


Renewable-ready with connectivity to solar or wind systems, off-grid capable


Reliable, low-maintenance, long-life fixtures – 20+ years – providing a lifetime of light


Improves both the health & productivity of people using our system