Re-Think Your Power

DC Powered – SAFE

CENSE is a low voltage Direct Current energy system that transforms the energy of a home or business from conventional High Voltage to Safe Low Voltage. CENSE can be powered from different sources and allows for direct connection to renewable energy sources. Our first module LM1 powers and controls your LED lighting.

Smart Control – INTELLIGENT

The CENSE system is connected and intelligent. Inputs can be configured to turn off a single light or an entire building, occupancy sensors can be attached to the system and our THEA application puts you in control of your energy. CENSE is software controlled allowing a full integration platform to connect with other smart devices.

Modular Design – EFFICIENT

CENSE is designed with ourenergy future in mind. CENSE can accept different modules to power and control many DC powered devices. Our first module LM1 focuses on LED Lighting power and control. LM1 provides a truly connected, highly efficient LED DC drive solution.

Power is changing and so is the way we think about it.

How Cense Works

CENSE intelligently powers your home
or business from renewable energy
sources or the AC power grid using
lowvoltage Direct Current Power.

CENSE is a Direct Current smart energy
management system. It has the ability to
manage a Low Voltage Power network
within a home or business and
provides intelligent control for
users and operators.

Why Choose The Cense DC Power System?

More efficient than traditional AC Power Systems

Hardware, Installation and maintenance is more cost effective than with traditional AC systems

Smart Control switches, sensors and THEA app provides full integration and options for end users

Plug & play with renewable energy sources and battery systems


  • Smart IoT Compatible
  • Works with Apple Homekit and Google Home
  • Wireless Device Ready
  • 10 Year Limited Warranty

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