Renewable Energy Storage System

The NEO Battery System

Power your home or business using renewable energy storage. The Neo battery also provides backup power so you will never be suddenly left in the dark again when your local utility has a service interruption.

Renewable Energy Storage

Neo can supply backup electricity to the iLLUMA-Drive lighting platform and essential loads. Neo can be charged by the utility grid or renewable energy, it can supply power during an outage in order to provide additional days of light, as well as use of essential items. It can also be configured to assist in peak shaving - storing energy during off-peak low rate time to be used during high peak rates.

Off Grid Energy

The NEO Battery System, using our Lithium Ion Batteries, is a major step in becoming energy independent.

how neo works

Input energy from wind, solar or the grid
(DC or AC) is sent to the Neo Intelligent
Energy Storage Device and stored for
future use

With an integrated hybrid inverter, the
Neo Energy Storage System can store
energy from renewable sources or from
the grid & use the Energy Storage System
to provide AC loads & DC power for our
lighting system 24/7.

Why choose the Neo Energy Storage Solution?

If the power fails you can power any of these individual devices continuously without additional charging (using our 2.3kWh) for:

Critical Lighting: 7 days

Furnace: 22 hours

Freezer: 3 days

Refrigerator: 13 hours

Sump Pump (⅓hp): 13 hours

Security/Internet: 40 hours

50″ LED Television: 27 hours

Laptop/Cell Phone: 300 hours

Typical usage will allow a refrigerator to run for 2 days and a sump pump for 1 week

Specifications *

Wall mounted, Bi-Directional Converter, Li-Ion
Battery Storage, Renewable Energy Ready

Output: 4kW Continuous (120VAC, 48VDC)
Current: AC: 33A, DC: 65A Continuous
Inverter Efficiency: 93%
DC Efficiency: 98%
Usable Capacity: 2.3kWh, expandable to 9.2kWh
Cycle Life: 10,000 cycles @ 100% DOD
Dimensions: (LxWxD): 1220x630x220mm (48x25x9”)
Weight: 81kg (178lbs) (based on 2kWh configuration)
Certifications: cULus (pending)
Other Features: Low Voltage-DC power for iD1 lighting controllers, IOT Remote
Monitoring, External DC input – Solar ready battery charging

* Subject to modification