Boating & RV Applications

  • Boating & RV

Our lighting system combined with solar panels (and optional Intelligent Energy System – Neo) installed on a trailer or boat produce an example of an off-grid solution which seems like a logical step – a great reason to use your boat or RV is to get off the grid!

Aside from the obvious independence associated with adopting our platform, the addition of our lighting system helps considerably reduce the hydro/lighting consumption below 30 amps which makes RV trailers much more versatile and optimized to install in almost any park.

Safe & Efficient – Not only is it safer to run a dedicated DC based system in your boat or RV, the fact that our system is DC based adds an extra level of efficiency – less need for invertors – conversion to AC for lighting is no longer necessary reducing the loss associated with this conversion. Meaning you get to use your energy instead of losing portions of it converting it from Direct Current to Alternating Current.


The iLLUMA-Drive platform isn't limited to a specific application. Save on lighting costs, store energy and go off-grid in your manufacturing plant, healthcare facility, recreational vehicle or in your home. Our solution is the key.