Indoor Growing & Vertical Farming Applications

  • Indoor Growing & Vertical Farming

Aside from the cost savings associated with an intelligent controlled DC LED lighting system, our platform offers an opportunity to take your indoor growing off-grid. Through use of renewable energy (solar), our Intelligent Energy Gateway System (NEO) and the CENSE system you will have everything you need to provide lighting to your plants.

Efficiency is the core benefit – central DC management of LED driven lighting system is 90% more efficient than traditional incandescent system. Also, heat is typically a concern with indoor growing facilities but the reduction in heat generation (1000w to 70w typically) dramatically reduces the cooling requirements, this reduction of heat and light power allows lights to be placed much closer to the plants and improves space usage and overall efficiency.


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The iLLUMA-Drive platform isn't limited to a specific application. Save on lighting costs, store energy and go off-grid in your manufacturing plant, healthcare facility, recreational vehicle or in your home. Our solution is the key.