Industrial Applications

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Aside from labour and maintenance costs, most industrial facilities will agree that electricity is one of their highest expenses. In many places hydro costs have climbed so rapidly that industry cannot “afford to keep the lights on”. In turn, many companies have moved their manufacturing facilities out of North America – taking advantage of both the lower labour costs and, in some cases, lower sustainability concerns/environmental laws.

iLLUMA-Drive’s platform helps considerably reduce hydro/lighting consumption costs (up to 35% more efficient when compared to LED fixtures powered by a conventional AC system). This, along with its ability to natively accept, store (Neo) and distribute renewable energy (solar, wind, etc.), opens doors to energy independence with the potential to go off-grid. Along with its inherent energy saving setup, an additional feature valuable to industry is the control factor.

The CENSE system operates from DC input voltage to power and control 1 or more LED fixtures. CENSE can operate stand alone or in a network of up to 16 units or 64 Zones of light control. Meaning you can control and stagger lighting to accommodate shifts, peak times and brightness as needed.


The iLLUMA-Drive platform isn't limited to a specific application. Save on lighting costs, store energy and go off-grid in your manufacturing plant, healthcare facility, recreational vehicle or in your home. Our solution is the key.