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    We invite you to use our brand resources but ask that you please adhere to our usage guidelines specified at the bottom of this page. If you need a specific image, contact media@illumadrive.com, and we will do our best to accomodate.

Company Brief

iLLUMA-Drive is a green DC energy company that plans to reinvent both the home and workplace use of power through our unique solution. We do this by reinventing the way LED fixtures are powered and controlled by centralizing both the AC/DC power conversion external to the LED fixtures and providing smart control.


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Colour Logo

Please use this whenever possible

Grayscale Logo

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Colour Logo

Please use this whenever possible

Grayscale Logo

Use where content is primarily
black & white


iLLUMA-Drive incorporates green, yellow, gray and other shades of these colours throughout our branding. Please use the following colours accordingly.

Bright Green

Bright Yellow

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iLLUMA-Drive with a lower case “i” and spelt as two words separated by a hyphen.


Illumadrive | Illuma Drive

iLLUMA-Drive should never be spelt as one word or as two words minus the hyphen.

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Terms of Use
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