Smart Digital DC Power and Energy Control

For over 120 years our energy infrastructure has been based on high voltage AC power. Over the years small improvements have been made but power still remains dangerous and dumb.

Over 50% of all powered devices in homes and business are actually Low Voltage DC powered today.

iLLUMA-Drive provides digital solutions that will revolutionize the way we control and consume our power for the future.

iLLUMA-Drive is a Digital Energy company that plans to reinvent the use of power through our unique solutions– Digital Smart DC power and Energy Management.

Digital Energy

We provide digital electricity technology that will revolutionize the way the world controls and consumes power for the future. We plan to reinvent the use of power through our unique solutions.

Energy Gateway

Smart Energy Management is a core element of our NEO System and can provide many power options. Power from grid, sustainable sources or battery bank. We provide solutions to meet every need.

energy Independence

We can connect our system to any sustainable source including solar and wind turbines to further enhance the system and provide Energy Independence.


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