Residential Applications

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iLLUMA-Drive’s platform is ideal for both new construction and to retrofit into existing properties.

Our lighting system is a simple install for new construction and opens up many more possibilities for lighting design due to the lower cost of wiring (Class 2 Wiring is $0.10/ft vs $1.00/ft with standard electrical cabling) and the system’s efficiency therefore allowing the builder/homeowner to design a more intricate lighting setup. Also, due to the reduction in hydro/lighting consumption costs (up to 90% savings on lighting cost vs standard 120V AC systems) lighting can be implemented as part of the design and ambiance of the property as opposed to it just being a necessity as the costs to run additional/ambient light will be far less than with standard AC based lighting platforms.

Whether your goal is to save electricity, improve your home security, automation control of your connected home or just simply enjoy the benefits of centralized automation control, this can all be managed via T.H.E.A., iLLUMA-Drive’s proprietary mobile application. Unlike many proprietary home automation apps, T.H.E.A. is being developed to be the one and only centralized control system you’ll ever need. We are doing this by building the software to be Apple Homekit enabled and it is also currently in development for the Google Weave platform to ensure that everyone can use it.

So, you will no longer need separate dedicated applications to control the different components and fixtures in your home. Instead, through configuration and syncing, you can add your current (and many future) devices to our system.

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The iLLUMA-Drive platform isn't limited to a specific application. Save on lighting costs, store energy and go off-grid in your manufacturing plant, healthcare facility, recreational vehicle or in your home. Our solution is the key.