FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: (11th March 2016)

iLLUMA-Drive will design holographic augmented reality smart DC energy systems.

iLLUMA-Drive the Smart DC Energy company has been accepted into Wave 1 of Microsoft HoloLens development community allowing it to build a holographic augmented reality lab at its Burlington offices.

Ontario, 11th March 2016 – iLLUMA-Drive the Smart DC Energy company has been accepted into Wave 1 of Microsoft HoloLens development.

iLLUMA-Drive’s unique technology linked to the power of the HoloLens will enable the company to create its holographic augmented reality studio at its Burlington offices. This will be a dedicated lab where all of their customers can specify, build and test systems in a real space. In addition, real time collaboration between teams such as engineering, the architect and even building owners is possible using this capability reducing design time significantly.

iLLUMA-Drive’s CEO, Derek Hopkins said “By adding holographic augmented reality to the existing capabilities of illuma-drive we can provide architects, interior designers and businesses the capability to design our revolutionary lighting, battery and energy systems within this environment”.

The first product being released will focus on lighting and will be 90% more energy efficient versus conventional lighting with its back up battery delivering days of light during a power cut and providing a flicker free healthy light environment.


About iLLUMA-Drive Incorporated

iLLUMA-Drive is a smart DC energy company that plans to revolutionize both the home and workplace use of power using our unique solutions. Our approach fuses the IT sector’s technology and control with the power and scale of the energy sector to create a true transformation. We produce a range of products from intelligent lighting and back-up batteries to advanced controls and LED fixtures.
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