iLLUMA-Drive Inc., the Smart DC Energy company has released a new video that explains how it will change the world of energy

Ontario, 8th April 2016– iLLUMA-Drive the Smart DC Energy company has released a new company video that really explains how its smart energy lighting and storage systems will change the energy industry and help save the planet.

The energy industry reliance on AC Power, first promoted by Nickola Tesla and George Westinghouse in the 19th Century, is nearing an end as DC power usage grows at an exponential rate. illuma-Drives’ systems are at the heart of this growth proving that back then, Thomas Edison was onto something when he championed this approach.

iLLUMA-Drive’s CEO, Derek Hopkins said “We ask three key questions:

   1. What if you could cut your lighting consumption by 90%?
   2. What if your lights stayed on when the power failed?
   3. What if you could generate and store power for when you need it?

The answers to these three questions are at the heart of our new video.”

The first product being released will focus on lighting and will be 90% more energy efficient versus conventional lighting with its back up battery delivering days of light during a power cut and providing a flicker free healthy light environment.

See our video


About iLLUMA-Drive Incorporated

iLLUMA-Drive is a smart DC energy company that plans to revolutionize both the home and workplace use of power using our unique solutions. Our approach fuses the IT sector’s technology and control with the power and scale of the energy sector to create a true transformation. We produce a range of products from intelligent lighting and back-up batteries to advanced controls and LED fixtures.

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