iLLUMA-Drive Inc., the Smart DC Energy company, aligns its sustainable products and solutions behind two key government policies focused on renewable energy and innovation.

Ontario, 21st June 2016– Two new government initiatives have recently been launched which not only fit into iLLUMA-Drive’s strategy but which should also drive the company’s success to the next level as it launches its sustainable solutions into the market in Canada and the USA.

The first is Ontario’s climate action plan which has huge carbon reduction targets imbedded in its structure. To make reductions of 80% to the 1990 levels by 2050 will require a huge change both in technology and people’s ability to control their energy usage.

“This is where iLLUMA-Drive can really make a difference with its iD1 solution” Derek Hopkins the company CEO stated. “Our smart DC networks provide over a 90% cut in lighting energy consumption and provide real time control of lighting and other systems to our customers. They can change lighting levels, create moods, turn off unused lights all from their smartphone or tablet. We can even provide energy in a power outage and seamlessly link to renewable energy sources all out of the box. In short we provide sustainable solutions that deliver real cost and environmental benefits”.

The second policy is the new innovation policy launched on the 15th June by Minister Navdeep Bains. Two of its key objectives, clean growth and competing in a digital world, will help drive the company’s solutions as they are core to the products and services they are delivering.

The first product being released will focus on lighting and will be 90% more energy efficient versus conventional lighting with its back up battery delivering days of light during a power failure and providing a flicker free healthy light environment.


About iLLUMA-Drive Incorporated

iLLUMA-Drive is a smart DC energy company that plans to revolutionize both the home and workplace use of power using our unique solutions. Our approach fuses the IT sector’s technology and control with the power and scale of the energy sector to create a true transformation. We produce a range of products from intelligent lighting and back-up batteries to advanced controls and LED fixtures.

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