iLLUMA-Drive Inc., the Smart DC Energy company and Tridel Corporation complete DC showcase in Toronto.

Ontario, 25th June 2018– iLLUMA-Drive has completed a low voltage DC showcase install with Deltera to test both the efficiency and the control capabilities of the companies in-building low voltage DC system CENSE.

iLLUMA-Drive’s CEO, Derek Hopkins said “Working with Deltera is a completely natural fit for iLLUMA-Drive as their track record of innovation and green design aligns perfectly with our products portfolio. Using our CENSE product to create a low voltage DC network to prove three key benefits. Running power to 500 feet from the unit and delivering the same lumen output as the high voltage, controlling the lights to provide dimming and other functions at 500 feet and ease of install of the system.

Adrian Wang, Director Innovation and Sustainability said “We are delighted to add iLLUMA-Drive’s technical capability to the amazing range of solutions we already provide our customers. Tridel leads sustainable residential condominium development in Canada, with more than 20% of the commercial certified LEED® MURB (Multi-use residential buildings) under construction”.

ILLUMA-Drive’s unique technology and Deltera’s drive for sustainable construction can be a real force for change in the market. Both companies see the future of the construction industry being modelled on central and intelligent DC control of lighting and other power systems.


About iLLUMA-Drive Incorporated

iLLUMA-Drive is a smart DC energy company that plans to revolutionize both the home and workplace use of power. The approach fuses the IT sector’s technology and control with the power and scale of the energy sector to create a true transformation. They produce a range of products from intelligent low voltage DC micro-grids and energy gateways to advanced controls and IoT software.

About Tridel Deltera

Deltera Inc. part of the Tridel group, is a fully integrated construction service company with a reputation for delivering the highest quality buildings on time and on budget. For over 70 years clients have trusted Deltera’s reliability, experience and innovative approach to the planning, project development and construction of condominiums, residential rentals, mixed use projects, non-profit residential, long term care and senior’s facilities, townhomes and more.

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