FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: (27th November 2017)

iLLUMA-Drive Inc., the Smart DC Energy company raises $1,000,000 of private funding.

Ontario, 27th November 2017– iLLUMA-Drive has completed a series of fund raising with over a $1,000,000 of private equity from a team of Canadian investors.

This funding enables the launching of the revolutionary CENSE product which is an energy management system for creating a DC microgrid. The initial deployment of this system will focus on providing a central, low voltage, drive and control solutions for LED lighting.

iLLUMA-Drive’s CEO, Derek Hopkins said “This funding will enable the company to not only drive sales into the Canadian market but, with the already signed distribution agreements we have in the USA, allow our products to be exported. This export market is key to our strategy and the US is simply the first of many we will be addressing.”

CENSE is more energy efficient versus LED conventional lighting with its back up battery delivering days of light during a power cut and providing a flicker free healthy light environment. Link this to the intelligent IoT application and home automation functionality is available on the system.

ILLUMA-Drive’s launch of CENSE product will be the first of many such launches next year including and Intelligent battery system called Neo and a solar shingle that will allow a regular roof to generate all the power a typical home needs.

Illuma-Drive has already started talking to interested investors for its next round of investment to speed up its ability to take these products to market.


About iLLUMA-Drive Incorporated

iLLUMA-Drive is a DC energy company that plans to revolutionize both the home and workplace use of power. The approach fuses the IT sector’s technology and control with the power and scale of the energy sector to create a true transformation from high voltage to low voltage power. They produce a range of products from intelligent energy systems and back-up batteries to advanced IoT software.

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