• T.H.E.A.

T.H.E.A. truly brings IoT and Centralized Intelligent Control to the home and business automation forefront. Unlike many proprietary home automation apps, T.H.E.A. is being developed to be the one and only centralized control system you’ll ever need. We are doing this by building the software to be Apple Homekit enabled and it is also currently in development for the Google Home platform to ensure that everyone can use it.

Along with this, we’ve also programmed the system to allow customization and integration for your current and future automation control devices. So, you will no longer need separate dedicated applications to control the different components and fixtures in your home or business. Instead, through configuration and syncing, you can add current devices to our system.

Not only does this simplify things and offer true automation, it also allows you to pre-program lighting scenes for white light, tunable light and a full spectrum of color changing. Wireless interface available through smart phones (e.g. Apple, Android) and mobile devices such as iPads and Android Tablets, full control of interior and exterior lighting, integration of the system into smart home systems that encompass home theater, security, HVAC and peripheral appliances.

Whether your goal is to save electricity, improve your home or office security, automation control of your connected home or business or just simply enjoy the benefits of centralized automation control:


Universal Integration


Apple Homekit
With HomeKit, now you can also use your iOS device to connect the products you use in your home — so you can privately and securely control them and make them work together.

Google Home
Google Home is a communications platform for IoT devices that enables device setup, phone-to-device-to-cloud communication, and user interaction from mobile devices and the web.


Benefits of our platform


Centralized conversion removes the inefficiency of individual AC to DC fittings


Inexpensive wiring, lower cost of installation vs traditional high voltage AC systems

Peace of mind

The battery capability will supply power to your home or business when the power fails


Our system reacts to the weather, user preferences and utility pricing windows


Reliable, low-maintenance, long-life fixtures – 20+ years – providing a lifetime of light


Renewable-ready with connectivity to solar or wind systems, off-grid capable


Improves both the health & productivity of people using our system


One of the main benefits of Low voltage wiring that is safe and easy to install